Bodilsko - Sko brands - sko brands, Clarks er forhandler af Clarks - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler

It began with a flash of inspiration. It was 1825 in the Somerset village of Street and James Clark was busy working at the tannery owned by his brother, Cyrus. Among the sheepskin rugs, the off-cuts and cast-offs were piling up when James had a brainwave: “Slippers!”. And the rest, as they say, is history. A few stitches and a few years later, the sheepskin slipper was born.
It was the very first Clarks shoe and the opening chapter in a remarkable story that continues to unfold to this day. In the decades that have passed since the young Mr. Clark’s eureka moment our shoes have seen social, political and economic revolution. - sko brands, Vagabond er forhandler af Vagabond - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler

Vagabond is a Swedish shoe fashion company, dedicated to style and inspired by our many users around the world. We know how to make great shoes, we know about shapes and materials and we know fashion. New prototypes of shoes and accessories are carefully designed and crafted in our unique workshop in Sweden every day. In our own administration, 2.5 million Vagabond products then reach 42 countries each year through about 2000 stores. Among these are department stores, shop-in-shop concepts and our own Vagabond Stores in cities like Stockholm, Moscow, Warsaw and Berlin. - sko brands, Lloyd er forhandler af Lloyd - Klassiske Herresko

„When it comes to style there are no compromises“, this is the principle that LLOYD strictly follows when in relation to their shoe production. LLOYD has been producing top quality shoes for the last 125 years. With first class craft, selected materials, excellent fit with a fashionable as well as elegant design. Traditionally, the aspiration for continuous responsible development takes on a key role. LLOYD is confident that a lasting management is an essential prerequisite for a long-term successful strategy, especially in times of an even stronger accelerated economy – true to its motto: - sko brands, Rieker er forhandler af Rieker - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler

Founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, Rieker originally produced shoes for the affluent citizens of Northern Italy.

The company soon gained a reputation for quality and has built itself into a household name in Central Europe. The company has been family owned for 5 generations and its commitment to quality and style has ensured continuous growth for 30 years.

At the beginning of the 1970's new headquarters were set up in Switzerland and production moved away from Europe. Today Rieker employs approximately 20,000 people worldwide in 5 production units, 3 design units and 16 wholesales units. - sko brands, Caprice er forhandler af Caprice - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler til damer

Since the foundation in 1990, CAPRICE has become an innovative centre of shoe production and technology in Pirmasens, a well known town for shoe production in Germany.

CAPRICE’s ambition is to develop shoes which imply walking on a surface of clouds. Therewith, the appearance of the company’s building is also affected by the CAPRICE slogan “walking on air” as well as by the colours sky blue and the whiteness of clouds.

Therewith, a visual highlight has been created at the western access of Pirmasens presenting an eye-catcher in the traditional town of shoe production. - sko brands, Imac er forhandler af IMAC - Italenske Sko, Støvler & Sandaler

IMAC SpA has been working for nearly thirty-eight years in the footwear industry and is nowadays one of the five Italian biggest manufacturers in the field of shoes for men, women and kids. It employs both the conventional technology of the “mounted” bottom and the injection directly onto the upper of the polyurethane foam bottom

IMAC's mission is to give importance and to create values to the benefit of ordinary people, starting from customers not to mention the IMAC staff. - sko brands, Superfit er forhandler af Superfit - Super gode børne Sko & Støvler

Superfit takes responsibility for children’s feet and their healthy development.
We are the market leader in the European children’s shoe sector, and we can draw on 70 years of experience in the development and production of all varieties of children’s shoes. Our success is rooted in the fact that our children’s shoes are just that: shoes that are specially developed for children. Our shoes are sold in over 45 countries. Which is why we have such high standards for our children’s shoes.
The development of our shoes centres around a perfect fit, quality, and the willingness to try new things. Naturally, we also place a great deal of emphasis on fashion and design for little boys and girls. The shoe designers at our headquarters in Graz, Austria, constantly strive to find new combinations of colour, shape, and details in order to create exciting shoes. This is how we live up to our slogan – “Big responsibility for your feet”. Because children deserve to have superior quality and an exacting attention to detail. - sko brands, Marco Tozzi er forhandler af Marco Tozzi - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler til damer

MARCO TOZZI is a lifestyle brand for the modern, fashion-conscious market in shoes and bags made by Wendel. From young fashion to classical elegance to active comfort, MARCO TOZZI is our answer to international trends with its own style and quality.

At six to eight collections per year plus additional seasonal ranges, MARCO TOZZI provides the retail trade an opportunity to plan for long-term base trends along with special seasonal trends in their inventory. Alongside current women shoes MARCO TOZZI also offers an own children shoes collection as well as a modern bags collection, a perfect match to the shoe collection. - sko brands, Tamaris er forhandler af Tamaris - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler til damer

A shoe, lots of white space and plenty of scope for the imagination – the Tamaris recipe for success is as simple as it is ingenious – and enduring love of the product. Tamaris symbolises the fashion expectations of the quality-aware, cost-conscious woman who sees a brand not just as a lifestyle label, but who also values it as a personal promise of performance.
Whether an extravagant must-have straight off the catwalk, a casual sneaker or a fashionable take on a classic – Europe's no. 1 shoe brand is an all-time favourite on the paved runways. For the modern woman – - sko brands, Rohde er forhandler af Rohde - Sko, Støvler, Sandaler & Hjemmesko

The Erich Rohde GmbH has a long history to look back on. The Rohde company began with the founding of the Rohde tannery in 1862. The Rohde philosophy of Quality and Tradition has remained the same over the years. In 2008, the business reached its pinnacle with the formation of the Erich Rohde GmbH. Since then Rohde, as it now stands, is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in Europe with a mission to produce fashionable and comfortable shoes.
With a production rate of over 20 000 shoes per day, Rohde is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in Europe. - sko brands, Woly er forhandler af Woly - Kvalitets Sko pleje produkter

Medium-sized, innovative, customer-oriented – this is what Woly is characterised by. The enterprise with brands with a tradition, whose shoe and textile care expertise specialised traders and end consumers equally rely on.

Due to the fact that we developed from one of the major German shoe manufacturers – SALAMANDER – and are familiar with the special requirements on the care and wearing comfort of shoes down to the last detail. Our excellent products offer the consumers easy care, beautiful appearance, improved functionality and lasting preservation of value. - sko brands, Nome Footwear er forhandler af Nome Footwear - Sko, Støvler, Sandaler & Hjemmesko

Siden etableringen af Nome Footwear, har mærket udviklet en høj standard indenfor mode og kvalitet. Designet er holdt i en enkel skandinavisk stil samt tilpasset sæsonens trends og farver. Det eksklusive udvalg af Nome Footwear er både til damer og herrer og er tilpasset en bred aldersgruppe.

Nome Footwear er hovedsageligt produceret i Europa, med brug af de fineste materialer i højeste kvalitet. Mærket er repræsenteret i førende stormagasiner og skobutikker, primært i Skandinavien. - sko brands, Sanita er forhandler af Sanita - Klassisk Træsko

Sanita is the original Danish clogs. Established in 1907. At Sanita, we’ve been making cozy, comfortable clogs the Danish way since 1907. In fact, we were the first to make them. Our founder, Christian Meldgaard Andersen, not only created the first pair by hand, he also created our first distribution system: the basket of his bicycle. And that tradition of craftsmanship and caring lives on today in every clog we make. With innovative design and exacting standards, our shoes are always easy on your feet. And with attractive new styles every season, they’re easy on your eyes as well. Today we still handcraft our clogs in Europe. Sure, we could save a little if we outsourced the work, but we just can’t. Maybe it’s because we’ve been making them our way for over 100 years. We continue to build on the foundation of usability and beauty while providing a variety of differentiated looks in our collection. - sko brands, Ara, Jenny by Ara er forhandler af Ara & Jenny - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler til damer

For six decades ara has been renowned for a wide variety of shoe fashions of the highest quality, combining attractive design with perfect fit.

ara has production sites and marketing facilities throughout the world. Along with these we have a large network of reliable distributors and experienced authorised dealerships. And yet right up to the present we have remained a family firm, one which sets great store by sustainability. This applies in equal measure to our manufacturing activity and our financial management. - sko brands, RelaxShoe er forhandler af Relax Shoe - Sko, Støvler & Sandaler til damer

Italiensk kvalitet når det er allerbedst…
RelaxShoe fodtøj er lavet i Italien og byder på blødt læder, generøs tilpasning med respekt for den kvindelige fods anatomi med umiskendelig italiensk stil. Sko, støvler, støvletter og sandaler fra RelaxShoe er designet til at være åndbare, holdbare og yderst fleksible. Og vi lægger vægt på, at fodtøjet ikke kun skal behage foden – men også øjet.
Flere og flere kunder værdsætter RelaxShoe skos kvalitet og brand: blødt læder, perfekt pasform til kvindelige fødder, lækker italiensk stil. Udsøgte detaljer kombineres med modernitet og blødhed, og resultatet er en sko, der er et must for kvinder med mange timer på fødderne. - sko brands, Boras er forhandler af Boras - Kondisko & Støvler

BORAS is a young, dynamic casual & fashion sports shoe label with international design influences. T he label has been on the European market since 1997, initially in Germany primarily, and is now sold in over 20 countries all over the world.
Our successful entry into the market was originally achieved with fashionable, technical skateboard shoes. Various additional shoe lines were developed over the years and today BORAS offer comprehensive, stylish casual & fashion sports collections for women, men and children.

BORAS shoes are manufactured exclusively to the highest quality standards. All models are developed and tested by the BORAS design and product team. All materials used correspond to the highest international standards. - sko brands, Shepherd er forhandler af Shepherd - Hjemmesko - Lammeulds kamiker

A common belief is that children are the only truly honest people. That’s not quite true. You see, we are completely honest when we say we care about the people who will wear our slippers. And because we do, we do our very best to make sure that our manufacturing and production processes are as kind to nature as possible. We have extensive experience of delivering sheepskin products to large parts of the world. Since we started in 1982 we have accumulated invaluable knowledge and insight that allows us to maintain an even, high standard in all our products.

When our pure Scandinavian design merges with genuine craftsmanship, the result is timelessly gorgeous products. Regardless of whether we make slippers, footwear or a cushion, we devote the same dedication to making all our products. For you, our customer, this means that you know that we care about every single detail and have done our utmost to make the best possible product, each and every time. As far as we are concerned this is the most natural thing in the world. - sko brands, KangaROOS er forhandler af Kangaroos - Børnesko & Støvler

KangaROOS - The shoes with more than pockets.
KangaROOS has been around since 1979. It exists all because of one man: Bob Gamm. It’s safe to say he was addicted to jogging – he ran 10K laps on a daily basis! But one thing annoyed him. Where should he put his keys?

This is how a moment of inspiration occurs. Bob Gamm went straight away and created KangaROOS, shoes with a smart pocket where you can carry small everyday items! The rest, as they say, is history. - sko brands, Viking er forhandler af Viking - Kvalitets gummistøvler

1920-1929 A/S Askim Gummivarefabrikk is established. Production exceeds 640 000 pairs of shoes and boots. 330 employees. Export to Austria, Hungary and Sweden. Askim Gummivarefabrikk is awarded the golden medal, category ”Footwear”, at World Expo in Barcelon.
1945-1951 The factory was worn down during the war. The owners were optimists and traveled to the United States to invest in new machinery and raw material. A/S Askim Gummivarefabrikk reached a turn over off 68,8 millioner NOK and is one of Norways top businesses.
1992-2006 Viking is the first Norwegian footwear company to get a GORE-TEX® licens by W.L. Gore & Associates. More than 2,1 million pairs of Viking boots and shoes sold in Norway and Europe.

2010 Viking is 90 years! - sko brands, Rider er forhandler af Rider - Smarte Sandaler fra Brasillien

The Rider Difference
The Rider line began in Brazil in 1986 with one of the world's largest shoe manufacturers, Grendene – the same company that introduced wildly popular "jellies" to the world in the mid 1970s. In fact, in Brazil, you don't put on your flip flops, you put on your Riders, which is a testament to their enduring popularity in a country that knows a thing or two about getting the most out of life.

Riders aren't just a flip flop or a slide. They're an attitude, a reflection of a more laid-back way of life, and proof that you're unwilling to settle for less. - sko brands, Kawasaki er forhandler af Kawasaki - Den ikoniske lærredsko

This is the story of the dull communist shoe, which was invented by a Danish company and later marked to be the best selling single shoe in ever in Denmark. By staying loyal to the core value of the shoe both when it comes to production and design, Kawasaki had been able to carry the shoes over as a true retro product.

Sport shoes in the 70's, disco shoes in the 80's, Working shoes in the 90's and today a trendy retro shoe.